Francie’s Tavern History

IMAG0114 The bar was established by Francie O’Connor originally, and was owned by Mr. O’Connor for 29 year’s until he passed away behind the bar while bartending in 1962.

It was then bought by a fellow Holyoker, Fred Pafic, and Fred ran one of the cleanest, well behaved & successful bar businesses in Holyoke until the bar was once again sold in 1986 to John Joniec. Today, Francie’s continues the great tradition that was established 80 years earlier.

Francie’s is supported by a great customer base in a very supportive Holyoke location. The bar has evolved over the years, never forgetting the principles that make it a great place to enjoy a day or night out! Stop by and see why Francie’s Tavern has had 80 years of excellence in serving the Holyoke community. “Some places the drinks just taste better!”